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Johnsons Agro Allied Processing Enterprises Providing quality and nutritious Cassava Grit & Cassava Flour

Cover image of Johnsons Agro Allied Processing Enterprises, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Our firm process Cassava tubers into Cassava grit and flour. As well as use the peels to process livestock feeds for Poultry, Cattle and Pigs. The idea came as a result of obsolete means of processing and packaging of Cassava grit and flour which poses a health risk to the consumers.

We are trying to solve the problem associated with commonly consumed staple foods such as Cassava grit & flour by making use of high tech processing equipment from start to finish, add nutrients and package it in different sizes such as 1kg, 10kg, 5kg and 25kg. We will also ferment the Cassava grit & flour during processing to remove poisonous substances. This will solve the problem of poor packaging and under processed staple foods.

We want to revolutionize commonly consumed staple food by improving on its quality, guarantee food security and improve the well being of smallholder farmers.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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