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Jobmonster Inc

Jobmonster Inc

we are a tech start-up in silicon mountain buea- south west region Cameroon. our mobile and web application known as jobmonster2 is a job search and skill learning App, it is been used by over 2000 users worldwide within 6months of its release and used in 4countries Actively according to our database, that is Cameroon, Nigeria, Finland and Angola. it provides jobs to persons who create an account and upload thier CV it takes the CV and automatically route for jobs that matches that CV. Persons with low skill value can boost their skill by learning directly through the with a list of selected videos under specific categories. this year we plan on incoporating mobile money so that people can buy and sell on the App while looking for job at thesame time. Our Initial investment Capital was 650,000frs from product design and release with Marketing. As now we have made over 450,000frs of the first half of the year. our sources of income comes from google ads on the web app, Generating CV’s

Sectors HR and recruitment
Location Buea, Cameroon
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