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Job Crystal Click. Connect. recruit.

Cover image of Job Crystal, Business services venture on VC4A

The problem –> Small to medium businesses recruit slowly and search in the same pool. The time to hire often takes too long and is often to the detriment of the business.

The story –> What if a machine could help SME’s hire smarter and faster, by searching through 34 million people, in seconds?

The solution –> Meet Crystal! An AI Recruitment Machine that helps business’s hire smarter and faster. She finds talent by reviewing 34 million people and determines which 10 people would suit that 1 job description! Saving time and money. Her talent is finding yours.

Why now? –> Recruitment Industry is ripe for new technology
A revolution is needed on matching people to the right job
Critical nature of speeding up the process of hiring

Sectors Business services, HR and recruitment, Information technology
Location Cape Town, South Africa
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