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Jatonia Veterinary Clinic limited Provision of Veterinary service and production of dog food.

Cover image of Jatonia Veterinary Clinic limited, Animal farming venture on VC4A

We have found out that to achieve good animal health and even improved quality of animal life and their owners, pet grooming and nutrition should be the primary focus of veterinarians. That’s why at jatonia Veterinary clinic limited, we provide the best Veterinary services to pet owners in Kaduna state and we also make the best commercially available dog food. The population of working class citizens in Nigeria is rising steeply, and so clients don’t have to keep an eye in their pets and ensure good nutrition. There has been a lot of economic losses due to inability to save animals lives because of limited medical equipment to improve diagnosis and treatment.if this is solved, that will open up a whole new economic sector in the country. Our pet food coverts products considered to be a waste and transforms it to much needed nutrients in pet nutrition. There is millions of dollars to be made from converting these so called wastes to dog food.

Sectors Animal farming, Food production, Healthcare
Location Janruwa, Nigeria
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