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Jangolo Making farming cool, easy, affordable and sustainable for youth

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In Cameroon as in many other african countries, the agriculture value chain is not properly organized. As a result, farmers spend most of their time taking care of activities that are not part of their core business, this is one of the reasons why farmers are not efficient. Our project focuses on the farmer and includes all its direct connections (Suppliers, buyers, …). We take all the burden of the farmer to let him focus on what he does the best : farming.

We created an ecosystem where the farmer can plan, manage and distribute his production. We developed three platforms : One ( to allow the farmer to easily manage his production and easily get in touch with his main partners (fellow farmers, suppliers and business customers). The second platform ( is specialized in selling farmers productions to end users in Douala. The third one ( is a selling platform for business customers.

SectorsAgritech, Cloud solutions, Information technology
LocationDouala, Cameroon
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