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Jane Goodall Charitable Hospital To provide high quality and affordable health service.

Jane Goodall Charitable Hospital has involved a combination of charitable services, credit services and cash services. Jane Goodall Charitable Hospital wishes to employ Price Discrimination Strategy, whereby the rich and middle class will cover the cost of the poor. This involves in the private ward to involve private rooms which will have more cost and charged at high price compared to general ward where it include general rooms. Patients share the cost of the rooms. Jane Goodall Charitable Hospital has done market research via the National Medical Statistics System (MTUHA) under the Ministry of Health And Social Welfare. And has discovered potential market at Mvomero which include Pastoralists, Farmers, Civil Servants, Local Traders, Member of Parliaments and other Miscellaneous customers. Jane Goodall Charitable Hospital is located at Plot No. 141 Block ‘D’ Mvomero, Morogoro region. The site is about 40 acres and has been surveyed, and its 200m off Dodoma- Morogoro Highway.

SectorsHealthcare, Healthcare providers and services, Pharmaceuticals
LocationMorogoro, Tanzania, United Republic of
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