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Jabotech Creative Media

Jabotech Creative Media Limited is an information technology company focused on delivering creative and innovative solutions using the the already existing infinite potential of mobile and digital technology. Our aim is to revolutionize the health care and education systems of Africa through digital health, e-Learning solutions and mobile technology.

We are committed to using mobile and digital technology to solve educational and healthcare problems and improve the lives of people in Kenya and other developing countries. The widespread use and availability of mobile phones provide us with a powerful channel to support and educate mothers, providing them with life-saving information through an intimate medium

Combining mobile technologies with existing health system resources offers opportunities in stimulating demand for available services and expanding access to effective and already existing programs through growing mobile phone networks, both of which can lead to higher levels of efficiency in service delivery, supervision, and management practices

Stage Growth stage EST September 2015
Sectors Education, Educational services, Healthcare providers and services
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya
Customer model B2B, B2C
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