Ishangoo Online piggy bank to make spenders save consistently.

Ishangoo is an online piggy bank for spenders. We make spenders save consistently by using penalty fee for unplanned withdrawals and motivational messages as reminders to save.

48% of adults in Cameroon don’t know how to save money. That’s more than 6M of adults for a total share of market of at least $ 2.4M that we can capture by using 2 revenue streams: a $4 Annual subscription fee and a revenue margin (5-15%) from our commercial partners when user save for their products.

There are some existing solutions for savings (banks, microfinances, tontines, fintech..) but none of them act like a platform and as a commitment device to make people plan and save easily. Besides now is the good moment to launch Ishangoo because of there is a need in the market (48% adult don’t know how to save money), an increase of internet penetration (7.8% from jan 2019-jan 2020), the consumer behavior shift due to covid 19.

Reach to us to know more about how we can make this happen. :-)

Stage Startup stage EST April 2019
Sectors E-commerce, Fintech
Location Douala, Cameroon
Markets Cameroon
Customer model B2C
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