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Ishangoo Purchase home appliances affordable through advance payments.

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Ishangoo is an advance payments’ platform that make purchase of home appliances affordable. Select an item, online or at the partner’s store, register, choose frequency, with your number of advance payment, then start.

We are targeting people who cannot utilize a credit card, request a loan or afford to pay the entire monetary value of such items. Whether they are connected to internet or not, with or without a bank account.

Global appliance in 2017 was valued at $170B expected to reach +$200B. In Cameroon only is $27M. Where new items account for around 40% >> $10.8M. We plan to launch first in the major city for the first 18 month>> SOM= $5.4M

During our pilot phase we had a CAC of $2. To sell a $121 item, we have a $3 payment processing fees. With a revenue model of $4 annual subscription fee and $7 net margin we are profitable/product within the first 6 months.

Reach to us to know more about how we can make this happen. :-)

SectorsE-commerce, Fintech
LocationDouala, Cameroon
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