ISES – Institute of Solidary Socioeconomics We Design and Implement Solutions that Transform

ISES started its activities with university extension projects to promote community-based businesses on the outskirts of São Paulo and expanded its activities to large Private Social Investment and Public Policies Programs, having spent 8 years at FGV University. Currently, ISES goes beyond the Incubator and Accelerator of Inclusive Business and is placed in three more areas of activity: Fair Trade Agency, Social Bank and ISES Lab of social innovation. In its 15 years, we have accumulated more than 150 initiatives spread across 90 municipalities in all regions of Brazil in the development of community businesses that foster the generation of wealth at the base of the pyramid. We operate in Mozambique, in the dissemination of technologies related to Permaculture and accelerating local organizations. Our projects have already made possible over R $ 60 million in direct investment based on a set of social technologies that boosted the generation of prosperity for vulnerable groups in urb

Secteurs Conseils et développement des affaires, Services éducatifs, Services environnementaux
Emplacement São Paulo, Brésil
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