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Ioaps Inc Be the Difference

Cover image of Ioaps Inc, Consumer durables venture on VC4A

Generally, we are developing a quasi mandatory Afro-Centric Media Streaming Super App with tailored content ranging from Social/Skills to financial literacy…
Our vision is to reach and enlighten the many that are living in poverty across the third world. Zambia has 60% of it’s population living in poverty, especially the youth…the figure flactuates across the third world.

Our company ISDS Ltd initially aqcuired a Copyright for the IDS system in 2016 and recently for artists copyrights two months ago which is valid in 181 countries under the Berne Convention.
The inspiration for this Copyright came from my need to receive accurate royalties for my various Copyrights. I approached Hon. Nkandu (Zambian Arts Minister) and he declared an interest giving us government support. He retaliated that sentiment when I met him last Monday.
We incorporated copyright holders into the company which we are calling IOAPS INC.
These are the primary torch bearers/ promoters of the software

Sectors Consumer durables, Food and beverage, Online payment processing
Location Lusaka, Zambia
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