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Introspecta Human connection urban disconnect

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Our purpose, is to inspire humanity to generate sustainable prosperity for our ecosystems. We are a conscious company with a conscious business model that generates value for all of our stakeholders. We are convinced, that through tourism we can transform Mexico. We use the term ecosomatics to illustrate what is it that we do. Ecosomatics ” the field of study relating to the interconnectedness of ecology, environment and our inner selves. Thus, through our natural experiences we connect people from cities with marginalized areas of our country and people with nature. Our experiences focus on developing the inner self of our clients, making trips that transform mentalities by using and praising ancient wisdom like temazcal, mayan kin or permaculture practices. Through collaboration great things can happen hence, we have developed more than 10 marginalized communities and expanded the amount of territory that is designated to conservation.

Sectors Consulting and business development, Environmental services, Tourism
Location Ciudad de México, Mexico
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