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InterBrain We innovates in the way of learning with immersive technologies


Alberto Aguiló
Founder. Accountant – MBA. 20 years of experience leading and managing multinational companies. Executive Director
Rodolfo Giro
Founder. Computing Engineering. Vast experience in creating disruptive solutions and leading technological start-ups. Innovation Director
Agustín Agüero
Bachelor Degree in Sales and Marketing. Digital marketing specialist. Commercial Director
Raúl Marino
PhD in Engineering – Bachelor Degree in Mathematics. More than 15 years of experience leading innovative teams in the academic sector. AI Director
Agustina Sancho
Administration Technician. Specialist in Administration. Head of Finance and Administration
Facundo Corfield
Ontological Coach. 15 years of experience in the human resources area. Head of People
Romina Calvo
PhD in Engineering. 10 years of experience leading scientifics research teams. Agile Project Manager
Nicolas Tripp:
PdD in Engineering. 15 years of experience in technological projects. Head of AI