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Interact Make the whole learning and collaborating experience engaging and fun

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Most of our sessions are based on lecture-method, where studies have shown that we can only retain 5% of the information delivered! Which hinders collaboration and engagement!

While when people collaborate even with the simplest tools, magic happens!

At Interact, We product Tact
The first African designed product of its kind!
A device that transforms any HUGE monitor into a Fast and Accurate interactive surface for collaboration! whether it was a TV screen or even a projected wall!

So you can use visual aids, interactive applications, access the internet, record sessions, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and just about any computer application you control with a mouse!

Where providing a reliable interactivity on huge area for only $300 enables small and medium private schools and businesses to adopt our technology.

Sectors Educational products, Electronics, Information technology
Location Giza, Egypt
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