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intelex ms2 sarl we print on all kind of papers and do packaging and communication

Cover image of intelex ms2 sarl, Creative, media and entertainment venture on VC4A

intelex ms2 sarl

intelex ms2 sarl

1. communication: we sell communication services like:
– strategic communication planning
– media planning strategies
– corporate communication, digital and web communication planning
-BTL, ATL communication
2. Offset and Digital Printing we produce and sell items
– books – newspapers -flyers – copybooks – school books – billboards – backlights – rollups
-magazines -journals -agendas books – calenders – post-it, etc.
3. Label and Package. -food and beverage labels -pharmaceutical labels – cosmetics and industrial
– paper-based personal care package- food product package – pharmaceutical product package – kraft paper package – different corrugated packages.
4. serigraphy and hard material printing
– t-shirts – bandanas – caps – vest – cups – crystal- print on plexyclass- wood – glass – tales etc.

Sectors Creative, media and entertainment, Food production, Packaging
Location Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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