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Integrated Agriculture Cooperative Society Livestocks Pasture operation Value Addition- processing and reclying

Cover image of Integrated Agriculture Cooperative Society, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Rotation paddock/pasture system with in-house growing of feed provide low cost food and unarguably very lucrative
Livestock farming with herbs as addition to feed as well as drink for protection against and treatment of diseases allow farmers earn more at reduced expense particularly when cultivated by the farmer.

Reduce/Eliminate dependence on import from outside Nigeria thereby reduce/eliminate Capital Flight. Crop farmers will produce more food with peace as the animals are fenced and cared for.

Herbs are natural health supplements and non-toxic to the Livestock and for human consumption.

Cost saving solution. Paddock/Pasture based mobile milking equipment saves milking costs and milking process time. less stressful and safe for milker and the cow.

Value addition of Processing, Packaging and recycling of by-products such manure/waste for other uses such as Biogas production as input for electricity generation.

SectorsAgribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
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