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Inmers Immersive rehabilitation

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Endives offers a kinesiology service for companies that employs state-of-the-art immersive therapeutic tools with a preventive and integrative approach in promoting the prevention and/or rehabilitation of occupational diseases.
Endives offers 40 min weekly group kinesiology sessions in the workplace space where evaluations are performed with an FDA-approved inertial sensor, which accurately quantifies the patient’s motor functionality, validated kinesic intervention protocols alongside immersive virtual reality (RV) workouts, daily exercise guidelines for each worker based on their pathology and type of work; virtual and face-to-face follow-up, as well as education on body systems and healthy habits for worker welfare.
Endives seeks to innovate kinesiology practice to incorporate healthy habits from the workplace and improve adherence to therapy through technology.

Sectors HealthTech, Sports and wellness, Virtual reality
Location Providencia, Chile
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