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Industrial and Building Automation To offer Technical services to based on clean energy

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after being in a street and working on my own office I addressed the fire energy challenge for cooking that lead to environmental destruction by cutting down the trees in after for them to get woods,
Also when they can afford to buy a charcoal the cooking speed is slow due to the heat produced by a fire
that’s why I came with an idea of Electric charcoal stove
this stove is using a Smaller pieces of charcoal with small electricity power

This small piece of charcoal it seen to be useless so people they tend to dump it because they can’t be used
That’s what I came with this project in Tanzania
This project can be helpful to small industries that deals with food processing like bakeries and brewing companies course they use fire energy for boilers and cooking process also it can be helpful on steam power plant generator

We have succed to save same entrepreneur and family to access affordable fire energy in Mbeya we’re seeking for the small industries
Even making our own i

Sectors Clean technology and energy, Renewable energy, Solar power
Location Mbeya, Tanzania, United Republic of
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