Indo Central Marine Farming and bioconversion company

We develop a new technical farming and seed improvement on cassava. Cassava is one of the most important crop and has a wide range of product diversity. Todays barrier to get the maximum value is low productivity (yield) and difficult to reach an economically cost to maximize its utility.

Our innovation are focused on maximize the yield, and doing bioconversion resulting more competitive carbohydrate and protein source at the same time . Average cassava yield was 100 to 115 tons per Hectare made us very efficient to maximize the farming land and able to reduce fixed and variable cost

50% of farmed cassava will be converted to BSFL (black soldier larvae) and Earth Worm, while 50% are used for further processed into more digestible carbohydrate by fermentation. We formulated the BSFL + Earth Worm + Cassava to produce biofeed (for catfish).

Catfish is the most consumed freshwater fish in Indonesia and the national production around 1.4 millions tons annually.

Secteurs Culture agricole, Pisciculture, Importation et exportation
Emplacement Indonésie
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