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Impano Tours We offer camps-site services and all kind of primate safaris.

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After conducting our research, we finally found out that most of the tour companies in Rwanda operate unprofessionally which results customers’ dissatisfaction (tourists). Rwanda hosts over one million tourist annually including 2000 birders with 350,000$ annually which is a golden opportunities for us. It seems like most of the tour companies don’t really understand this yet which became an open door for us to enter in tourism industry.
 Birders dissatisfaction in Rwanda is a main focus.
 Hotels prevent tourists from connecting to the nature.
 Pricing is a crucial concern for tourists booking online travel in Rwanda.
Solution: Web platform and social Medias to help customers book their best birding experience, affordable accommodations, and other primate safaris in Rwanda and be able to rent their affordable accommodations.
Impact: Our customers save money while travelling – We make money while hosting – We are creating jobs to loca

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