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Impacto al Cubo We help change agents to dust their superpowers

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The model of existing socio-economic development, which has generated poverty, inequality, anxiety, exhaustion and sadness, is crumbling. However, in this collapse there are enormous opportunities to create better ways of being, living and relating. To concretize them, it is necessary to keep in the present and to manage with mastery our attention, which is our greatest superpower.

In Impacto al Cubo our approach is not to teach how to solve or respond to problems, but to show how to create problem-free environments, which requires a completely different mindset and skills than the current educational model.

To this end, we have developed the program Architectxs de Nuevas Realities, whose objective is to teach agents of change how to activate the internal technology that we have and to provide them with concrete tools to create their own platforms of creation, awareness, innovation, capacity and certainty.

SectorsE-learning, Educational products, Educational services
LocationMexico City, Mexico
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