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ILanga Harvesting And Construction We deliver the best products and service ever

Ilanga company focused on poultry farming for a startups to kick start the business from the ground but as Ilanga company we combine the expertise a number of role player in poultry farming, Harvesting sectors and Construction sectors.
Our vision is to help create a better environment, building our country economy
through business and professional zones to help eradicate poverty and ignorance in the nation.
Team: our team we are six people will be handling the different departments.
Problem: the reason why I started this business it because many of our residence they sell eggs and chicken meat but they travel a long way to purchase them.
Solution: if I open an poultry farm the customer/our residence they will be no need anymore for them to travel a long way in order to get their stock they will be purchasing right here next to them.
In order to market our business as Ilanga company we be putting post and on social media and we go to people who are need of our products and servi

Sectors Agribusiness, Construction, Public transport
Location Paulpietersburg, South Africa
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