IFGREEN INDUSTRIES & INVESTMENT LTD Harnessing the transformative power of agriculture

We are positioned to help solve the food security problem in Africa whilst providing raw material (Input to other manufacturers) using the output from Cassava.
Derivative after derivative, we are efficiently mining Cassava for its desirability as the most prefered staple food and source for highly sought after manufacturing inputs.
We started operations in 2016, installed a 0.5TonDay Garri processing equipment to prevent loss of farm produce. Today, we are expanding that capacity to meet with the increasing demand for our products.

Still on food production, we also have also recently installed a 1 ton/day cassava flour (odourless fufu) equipment.

With regard to Raw Material Inputs, we have already completed over 90% our Cassava Flour processing factory and are looking to purchase the Cassava Starch Processing equipment to enable us to play effectively in this space.

We are harnessing Cassava for a better Nigeria.

Stage Growth stage EST March 2016
Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming, Food production
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2B2B
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