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Hyve Procure Value adding is our priority

Cover image of Hyve Procure, Banking venture on VC4A

Hyve procure was incorporated to provide spend management consultancy and procurement services. Over the years, we have been struggling to secure direct consultation services from clients because spend management requires the analysis of enterprise spend data which is very sensitive to companies due to tax and other critical reasons.
However, despite all the challenges, we have been able to redefine and developed our portfolios to meet our target markets. Currently, we have a feedback application that provides a common platform for both service providers and customers. our market niches are banks and hotels. The estimated market value is ghc 5,00.000.00 ($483,091.78@ 10.35) we have engaged our stakeholders twice in 2021 to demonstrate the application and the feedback was encouraging. In 2022, we were invited by seven prospective clients from the banking sector to demonstrate the App and through that, we have incorporated their needs into the App. we need a capital of $ 50,000.00.

Sectors Banking, Business services, Diversified services
Location Accra, Ghana
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