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Hustle Africa Africa's number one resource for lifestyle business owners

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Everybody’s attention is on the fintechs and the agritechs and the infotechs of this world. Not many people are paying attention to the tiny lifestyle business owners who are one thing by day and another by night. Or employees during the week, and business owners at the weekend. But whether we acknowledge them or not, they’re contributing to the GDP of their respective countries, and with support, can grow to reduce unemployment in the continent.

We, through our platforms, provide resources for the small business owner to grow his business. Resources in terms of training, reading materials and relevant know-how that we share across all our platforms. Using storytelling as a medium, we share the expertise and journeys of relevant industry experts to further inspire and educate the growing small businesses. Our message is no matter how small your lifestyle business is, or why you’re in business, the business can be profitable with the right mindset and the right information.

Sectors Media production, New media
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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