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Huellas & Futuro Aiming to abolish gender-based violence to improve the whole world

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Huellas & Futuro

Huellas & Futuro

We implement integral programs that aim to prevent and reduce rates of violence against women. We involve all the stakeholders in each phase of the projects under a community-based approach, after a diagnosis process, we tailor a suitable intervention, raising awareness, giving them adequate information and providing them with psychological and legal assistance. We also make sure that we achieve the economic empowerment of women in order to allow them the free choice to leave an aggresive partener. As we work with children, youth, parents, teachers, principals, local authorities and community leaders, we ensure a behavioral and structural change tacking the four dimentions of change, such as social, cultural, economic and political change. With out methodology and strategies have being reducing rates of violence in our target communities and we know that we can achieve 0 femicides for 2025.

SectorsConsulting and business development, Educational services, Legal services
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