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Hope in the Nature Nothing is waste, all is resource. We can grow mushrooms on waste.

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Hope in the Nature

Hope in the Nature

This business solves three major problems including: the proliferation of waste, the lack of foodstuffs of high nutritional values and the infertility of the soils. As solutions, we collect agricultural and household waste on which we grow edible mushrooms. These mushrooms we produce have a high nutritional value (better than many foods including milk, rice, wheat, cabbage, maize…). They are available all the year round unlike mushrooms collected in the forest. Overused substrates are used directly as green manure and are known for their good yield compared to other organic or inorganic fertilizers. In the region, our solution looks innovative because people no longer consider waste as waste but rather as a resource.

SectorsAgribusiness, Environmental services
LocationBukavu, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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