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Hoja Savia Artesano · genuino · consciente

Venture Profile Hoja Savia image of HS PORTADA

In Leaf Savia we make healthy products of plant origin without sacrificing the taste and/or the quality of the product for people who want to maintain a vegan/vegetarian diet, who have some intolerance or who want to change their eating habits. Our products are 100% vegetables, we do not use condoms, they are artisanal and our raw material is national.
We chose macadamia nut (the base of our first products) because it has properties that allow us to reduce cholesterol, regulate the intestinal transit, avoid cerebrovascular problems and constipation; its high content in calcium and phosphorus favors the strengthening/development of teeth and bones to this base we add ingredients that seek not only the taste but also generate a benefit in our body.
Have you tried a “cheese,” which is not made with dairy?

Sectors Food and beverage
Location Guatemala City, Guatemala
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