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Hinterland and Intra Enterprise Solutions Agribusiness

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Clem Folayan Agribusiness Pitch
VC4A Pitch

I’m a farmer,an aggregator and agribusiness infoservice provider,organising agribusiness seminars,processing tractorised farmlands for easy uses of new & expanding farmers.
I am passionate about job creation services, currently raising 30-40 agripreneurs quaterly at periodic innovative GAP agribusiness training for young people to learn and own farms with technical,process,brand and offtaking,farm advisory services &supports,and path-finding to financing for small-holders farmers.

This business model is tested to be profitable because of the social impact ,life and integrity built into the infoservice and youth career advocacy sector of the initiative as non-profit.

l am now looking forward to mentors, partners and investor that can help expand it to big farmcrowdy activities by attracting farm sponsors and big markets.

SectorsAgribusiness, Consulting and business development, Crop farming
LocationIkeja, Nigeria
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