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hiLyte We bring clean and affordable energy to all!

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More than a billion people don’t have access to electricity. In Sub-Saharan Africa, almost 90% of people own a phone, but only 30% can charge it at home. We work to enable everyone in Africa to get light and charge their phone at home.
For this, we developed the hiLyte cube: a strong powerbank that provides a big light and can charge up to 2 phones. In each village, we install a big solar set into a shop, and provide this shop with a lot of cubes. Every evening, customers from the village come rent their cube (0.2$/day), use it the whole night, and bring it back to charge in the morning.

In order to make sure we get the money from customers, a system involving mobile money and activation tokens was set in place. After 14h, the cubes do not work and the only way to use them again is to bring them back to the shop.

The lamps are assembled in Arusha, and already distributed in the Manyara region in Tanzania.

Sectors Clean technology and energy, Solar power
Location Kambiyachupa, Tanzania, United Republic of
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