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Hansot Co. Ltd Contribute to the local community with a warm lunchbox

Cover image of Hansot Co. Ltd, Food and beverage venture on VC4A

Hansot Co. Ltd

Hansot Co. Ltd

We prioritize customer satisfaction over our company profits driven by our heartfelt gratitude and love for our customers. We offer happiness not only with the quality of food but also with great service and cleanliness.
We carefully select our ingredients. Like our parents who cook family meals, we cook our ‘dosiraks’(lunchbox) using carefully selected produce and offer them at very reasonable price points.
Hansot coexists with our franchisees and partners, working together to give back to our community. We strive to become a healthy and transparent company. We believe that businesses are small societies in it of themselves. Therefore, we comply with ethics and morals to make sure the company further grows through transparency, thrift, and savings. Through healthy eating habits, we promote eco-friendly practices and strive to protect the environment for our future generation.

Sectors Food and beverage, Food production
Location Seoul, Korea (Republic of)
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