Haile Wako Integrated Farm Ensuring food security via seeds' production & its supply


In Ethiopia; on average, nearly 9 million people are in food shortage every year due to the prevailing wider seeds’ demand & supply gaps. On the other hand, only 3.5% of the total 12 million hectares of farm-land are covered by improved seeds. The farm satisfies conditions and terms of the NGOs by seeds’ quality, quantity, and better moisture rate so that seeds are sold at a better price as compared to other similar businesses in the market. We convince people to buy our products by traceability promotion and by relying on quality parameters of seeds. As of today, therefore, the business intervention market is in Ethiopia.
The impact of the agribusiness range from the low-income rural smallholder farmers up to UN agencies to produce, sell & supply its seeds to address food insecurity by impacts socially on 1,000 smallholder farmers with whom the integrated farm has signed a contractual agreement to produce seeds. By doing this, we purchase seeds from them at a better price and brought changes in their overall livelihoods by following the win-win approach with the farmers. NGOs also buy and deliver seeds for the seed-deficient regions in the country and hence the pro-poor farmers that are unable to purchase seeds have been benefited from seeds we supply. Therefore, we have improved the lives of 1,000 young and women farmer’s directly by out-grower scheme contractual agreement the past three years period and indirectly we are able to address food security challenges of 200,000 other farmers through the supply of seeds delivered by client NGOs.