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H-KIM H-Kim technology at your door

Cover image of H-KIM, Clean technology venture on VC4A

H-kim is a distribution company distributing logistics and computer electromechanics based in Benin. Ells has gone back to 07 production departments: – Technical and Professional Training Centre, – Technical and Professional High School, – Maintenance and Production Mechanics, – Maintenance and Production Electronics, – Maintenance and Production Logistics and Informatics, – GSM network, – Satellite. Given our production departments we are aware that we are the only ones on the ground If China is now known for such sustainable development, it is because of the proliferation of technology services. By 2025 an African must be able to use a product (car, phone, computer, motorcycle, software, applications …) finish H-Kim. H-kim technology at your door without us! No development.

SectorsClean technology, Information technology, Telecom
LocationCotonou, Benin
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