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Gybe Africa Development is about people.

Cover image of Gybe Africa, Business services venture on VC4A

If we really want to improve lives, increase GDP per capita, and see meaning full economic growth on the ground, we must invest in people. Invest in their economic inclusion, training and financial literacy equip them to fish for themselves in a sense.
At Gybe Africa, we have taken that call to action and turned it into a business model that remains profitable because of its liberality. Starting with the shared economy, we create co-operative initiatives where gig workers can gain full employment with benefits while enjoying dividends as co-operators and still getting paid as a normal gig worker per gig. We’re creating tech ecosystem for spaces such as ride hailing, food and parcel deliveries and more in partnership with the co-operative movement to maximise economic gain for all gig workers.

Our profits come from the commissions and other add-on service we provide in the market. Let’s chat.

Sectors Business services, Information technology, Transport and logistics
Location Sandton, South Africa
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