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Growtech International Services Limited We are building a simpler model for better agriculture.

Cover image of Growtech International Services Limited, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

We create a simpler model for agricultural cultivation using the most ecological, organic and economically sustainable process leveraging technology to allow more people create, own and operate farms using our decentralized farming network. We have over the years been building our models for each crop, tree and animal listed on our website grow list, from which users simply select what they would like to cultivate. Our farming model focuses on the cultivation of these items as opposed to a harvest focused model allowing us to operate a geometric progression model for expected farming output. Decentralized means smaller, simpler to manage farms but require investment infrastructure to develop. Growtech intends to apply our ideologies to other aspects of the agricultural network allowing for cultivation, distribution (logistics) and simpler farm management processes across both online and offline channels.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Off Beach road, Nigeria
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