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Grow Africa Grow Together

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Grow Africa develops, supplies and installs unique for Africa grow systems that support any type of crop. Our systems are completely turnkey and fully self-sufficient.
Our full systems (greenhouse/tunnel, irrigation, climate control, solar and water generation) completely support themselves as far as resources are concerned. The systems run entirely on solar power as well as produce their own water, even without access to any other sources of water.

Our systems are completely turnkey and all that’s left to do after install is plant. With our unique systems, one can grow any type of crop in any type of environment. Our systems grow up to 6 times more crops in the same amount of space and have a drastically shorter crop turnaround time.

our systems even produce their own excess water (more than needed) and this excess water has endless potential. Grow anywhere and in any conditions.

Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology, Crop farming
Location Kloof, South Africa
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