Gresha Deluxe We curate corporate gift, Birthday gifts, Gifts for special occasions

Gresha Deluxe is a gift and surprise brand registered with CAC (RC 3188691). This brand was built on three major principles ; Family, Laughter & Love. We have a clear purpose of bringing love back into families, relationships and the world at large via our remarkable gifting service. We have remained focused and totally committed to affordability, transparency and an undisputed customer service since we started operating December 2019.

To help us serve our prospective clients better, we have drafted out some basic items the company would need to fulfill this vision.
A Manual and automatic way Gift items such as T-shirts, cakes, food platters, jewelries, Note pads, Water bottles, Perfumes, African made items that appeal to tourists which helps them to take back a piece of our culture to their countries can be purchased.
We would use this means to create job opportunities for people skilled in the art of gifting & technology.

Secteurs Services métier, Créatif, médias et divertissement, Accueil
Emplacement Lagos, Nigeria
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