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Greenlife Veggies Hydroponic experts

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Climate change, traditional farming methods and speculated harvest have been some of the things that have been affecting the conventional way of farming. It has made most youth loss interest in farming and regarding it as boring and tiresome
We as as greenlife veggies are bringing fun and technology to agriculture and that’s why we are doing soilless farming (hydroponics),it is a clean way of farming and doesn’t need to follow a climate change calendar,it can be done anywhere even in rooftops space is no longer an issue with this new way of farming
Pest and diseases are greatly reduced hence reducing the cost of farming
Hydroponic farming is something the youth can do with ease and enjoy.
So far as greenlife we are five members (directors) but have been able to give to atleast 20 youth jobs that have earned from improved their skills in this modern method of farming
The grant will go along way in helping us stabilize and expand creating more jobs and improving agriculture

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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