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riftOne is a new device and a disruptive platform, which can work as an affordable computer or as a set-up-box with Digital Television Decoder, providing a new Media and Content Gateway. It will be market starting as low as USD $35.
riftOne will allow anybody or any content producer around the world to create a channel, place, promote or sell its own content within 5 minutes. riftOne will be specialized on African Content but is to be market worldwide.
riftOne is a complete computer built on a single circuit board, that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and consume only 10 watts of energy.
This computer is designed specially for educational systems, offering an ideal solution for kids and anyone looking for a means to learn code, create a gaming and media platform, programme robotics, experiment with IoT and more.
riftOne comes loaded with Dual OS Ubuntu or Android TV, with powerfull processors that can handle most demanding computing tasking.

Stage Growth stage EST June 2010
Sectors Computer hardware, Educational products, Media production
Location Praia, Cabo Verde
Markets Angola, Cabo Verde, Nigeria
Customer model Governments (B2G)
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