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Green Future Society Tree planting to promote afforestation and agriculture in kenya

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Green Future Society invests on tree seedlings production as a way of promoting afforestation to reduce the effect of climate change and we also practice general agriculture to enhance food security in Kenya
Some of the activities we are carry out includes
1. Tree nursery production including fruits and horticulture crops
2. Practicing agroforestry with nitrogen fixing and moisture absorbing trees
2. Growing fruits-pawpaw, banana among other long term fruits
3. farming other horticulture crops, local vegetables and other short term crops
4. We are also carrying out community education and awareness on best practice on tree and fruit farming to ensure we plant, maintain and get the best return
5. We carry out research on variety of crops and fruits to monitor growth, production, market and return to able to advise of seedlings clients appropriately.

Sectors Environmental services
Location Kisumu, Kenya
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