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Grassfield Contractors Engineering Service Providers

Grassfield Contractors

Grassfield Contractors

What we do:

Grassfield Contractors Inc. Is an engineering
service provider. We are base in Douala and
give out our technical support to industrial,
commercial and residential entities.

Our Services; Grassfield Contractors Inc main focus is on MAINTENANCE of industrial commercial and residential installations. But we also create, conceive and install (Construct) edifice. From our engineering bureau, we work on projects, from the conception to the realization.

Our core competences are;
1) Architecture
2) Building Construction
3) Electrical engineering
3) Mechanical engineering
4) Telecommunications
5) Import and Export

Why our business has potential:
The team is made up of Young and Experienced Technicians and Engineers, with a wide Professional Portfolio permitting the to respond to any tender and execute it with a well defined Framework at a reduced deadline.

SectorsGreen transportation and electric motors, Renewable energy, Smart city solutions
LocationDouala, Cameroon
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