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Grâce illimitée The strength of uniqueness

To live, such is the very essence of life, unfortunately 99 %of the so-called civilization diseases derive their origin from the alimentation.Obliged to ingest by pleasure or necessity. A solution must be found to protect the organism against free radicals, toxins from the digestive process. Research has shown that papain, a enzime contained in papaya seeds, was well indicated to regenerate and strengthen the liver in its function.
So, beyond the modernization of a traditional recipe, to propose an ali_cament we create the use, and seriously fight against unemployment and poverty Now, with aesthetic and appetite, we will take an infusion of papaya seeds naturally flavoured with lemon, to better live and live the national economy. Each of us having a special role for the community, then we prowess the strength of uniqueness

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Togo
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