Hi, my name is Daniel Uche JUMBO, I am a Food processor and the CEO/Founder of GOODFOOD AGRIC ENTERPRISESca Federal Government of Nigeria Registered Agribusiness with focus on Agriculture, Food Processing, Packaging, Cash crop/Animal Farming founded in 2019. VISION: We are proud to be a GoodFood Organization working towards a healthy and safe system in Alliance with Community Food Centers in Nigeria. MISSION: To shape the future of exceptionally
GoodFood for people everywhere .We make quality tasty healthy Safe goodfood for the People with Plantain Chips being our Core Product anong others. We access 40 % of our raw material from our Farms,60% from our Suppliers and direct Farmers We are a B2B2C Company selling our Products to Wholesalers>retailers>consumers. Currently serving over 500 Customers despite we are operating a Manual system. 2020 Revenue was NGR1200000 COVID19 PANDEMIC drastic effett. We are looking for Funding to EXPAND our Distribution Globally.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Nigeria
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