Gofernet logistics Gofernet logistics renders pick-up and delivery services within Lagos

Gofernet logistics renders pick-up and delivery services within Lagos. We offer safe,timely and efficient delivery of items such as light weight goods, documents, food items, etc using dispatch motorcycles.
We help the e-commerce industry greatly and save our customers time, energy and any form of worry at an affordable price.
We especially want to make logistics services more affordable and accessible (especially for business owners)
nationwide but we chose to start with lagos and build from here.
Lagos has a huge market for us and we hope to expand to be able to meet up with the demand.
We have a customer base that is beginning to exceed our ability to supply based on our limited facilities, and the market itself is so huge.
We have the potential to make millions in profit with assistance from SLA.
We have faced many challenges and overcome, we are determined to succeed and whatever investment made into us will not go to waste.

LocationAdo Ekiti, Nigeria
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