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The operation focus in the value addition of locally available raw materials of across the African continent to reduce the food import bill, reduce post-harvest loses, increase food security, curb malnutrition,enhance food integrity through block chain, create an environment that promotes innovation &gainful employment for our people and strategic partnership. Due to the increase of non-communicable diseases which are primarily as a result of dietary constitutes, providing health foods will help curb the increase in NCDs.
The company founders believe that there is an opportunity in the market due to the following reasons:
Wellness and healthy lifestyle is becoming globally trendy as it helps maintain a youthful appearance, and this is becoming a social value
Due to the high post-harvest loses in the region, the initiative is also coming in to reduce these loses through Agro processing as a way of preservation.
The products offer variety to the market with a rich natural pala

SectorsFood production, Manufacturing
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe
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