Global Technology Training – Rdc Les Merveilles de nos terres

Our Company Global Technology Training provide a skilled personnel with a specific expertise for special equipments to supply to the entrepreneurs around, to modernise theirs production line; before we put them in the service of these entrepreneurs, we deploy them to work within our own Agro Field Department “Business Consulting Corporation” a subsidiary company of our Group. From this Agro Field Department, we market the equpments and make proposal to our partners through a consulting scheme.
Basically, our solution is a combined Skilled Staff Expertise and High-Tech equipments provided to enterpreneurs acting as qualified contractors to improve their production lines.
Our subsidiary company, also deploys the staff to work on our product as show-stands.

Stage Startup stage EST May 2015
Sectors Agribusiness, Consulting and business development, Farm machinery
Location Golf, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Markets Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Customer model B2B
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