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In Africa, just a less part of our agricultural land is used someway because of litigation.

The land problem is complex to manage. Despite this, the effects of the wave and the advertisements surrounding the success stories mean that executives of businesses in urban areas are turning to the agricultural land in which they invest. Certain in the impossibility of exploiting them are linked to the difficulty of leaving their current activity.
Our platform comes in point to help executives by giving them the possibility of all the information necessary for the exploitation of the ground. They are also put in contact with agronomists who can provide them with technical field studies. With our mobile application, all the activities carried out in the field can be followed. The various activities were carried out through the modeling of our return from the field. We thus combine activity planning, images, videos to reassure the client who is thinking of using his land.

Stage Startup stage EST September 2019
Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Enterprise software
Location Lomé, Togo
Markets Ghana, Togo
Customer model B2C, C2C
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