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GESIN Gestionamos y digitalizamos tu experiencia


We are GESIN, a multidisciplinary team formed by professionals from different areas, who joined together to combat a common problem, unemployment, lack of prestige and lack of validation of the experience, the members of GESIN are the following:
* Geovanny Chávez – Organizational Psychologist, MSc. in Human Talent Management, MSc. in Psychopedagogy, Esp. in Startup Creation.
* Belén Vallejos – Mechatronics Engineer.
* Cristian Vallejos – Lawyer.
* Daniel Ortiz – Computer Engineer.
* Felipe Erazo – Accounting and Auditing Engineer, MSc. in Accounting, mention in Financial Risks.
* Ana Sanhueza – Industrial Design Engineer.
* Armando Tapia – Software Development Engineer.
* Marco Fuertes – Engineer in Gastronomic Business Administration.
* Samanta Espinosa – Engineer in Foreign Trade and International Business.