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Geraj foods Agribusiness and innovative Food Processing

Our first product trademarked, ‘Sorghumealla’ in Nigeria is multi-purpose Gluten-free flour made from sorghum (also known as guinea corn in Nigeria) for making basic West African meals, especially Nigeria.
Sorghumealla is used to make swallow ball meals, Pap and gluten free Pastries.
Being used as Flour for swallow ball meals, it stands as a healthy alternative for those who avoid starchy food, (for instance people living with diabetes). It makes pap conveniently, food for both adults and infant. Gluten allergy awareness as become profound these days, so Sorghumealla serves as a base flour for making gluten free snacks, bread and cookies. Sorghumealla solves the problem of nutrition deficiency in the Nigerian population affordably as Sorghum is reputed to boast of a very impressive nutrition profile, making Sorghum flour into Ball Swallow meal ( a very popular type of food in Nigeria and West Africa) gives people to naturally feed on micro nutrient absent in our former basic meals.

Sectors Agribusiness, Food and beverage, Food production
Location Isaga-Abosule, Nigeria
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