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What drove me to join the agribusiness sector is an article I had read while in America about looming food insecurity in Eswatini due to the El Nino phenomenon and the 2015 Fall Armyworm. I had been looking for business and food production was needed in my country. I identified a few problems consumers had about my industry. Most farmers in Eswatini are informal and are not entirely forthcoming/transparent about their production. This means that though the market was saturated before I entered, many large clients (supper market chains, abattoirs, and private clients) have unreliable supply chains as farmers often fail to deliver. Failure to deliver is mainly due to them using cost-cutting measures that threatened livestock life/quality. In my case, I ensured that I constructed a state-of-the-art shed with efficient equipment, meaning that my poultry endures and reaches consumers without fail. With accessibility being an issue, my business delivers poultry to homes for cheap as well.

Sectors Animal farming, Consulting and business development, Crop farming
Location Manzini, Eswatini
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