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Gahima Communication Ltd (Gcom) E-wallet solution doing cross network mobile money transaction

Cover image of Gahima Communication Ltd (Gcom), Fintech venture on VC4A

GCOM is a mobile money interoperability payment service provider, we have developed our own
interoperable e-wallet platform based solution, our core business
platform links to Mobile app, web app and USSD. Serving customers
as Individual, retails, business corporate, super agent and sub agents.
We solve the problems of interoperability, our platform is a cross
network (schemes) capability between different MMO and affordable
financial inclusion services as comparison module for money lending
or saving services. We make money as aggregators earning
commission by transacting on behalf of MMO, banks, merchants and
also charging customers transacting on-gcom-network. We are social
customer value responsibility.

According to GSMA in the state of industry report on mobile money 2021. The demand of Mobile Money P2P transactions between different Mobile Money Operators in 2020 represented one in 20 or 5% of the market value, volume and users affected. Ref: GSMA

Secteurs Fintech, Traitement des paiements en ligne
Emplacement Kigali, République Du Rwanda
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